[Release] Deadmau5 – The Veldt EP [Mau5trap]

Deadmau5 - The Veldt EP

Release Info

TRACK NAME: The Veldt, Failbait

ARTIST(S): Deadmau5

REMIXER(S): Tommy Trash, Freeform Five

EP NAME: The Veldt

LABEL(S): Mau5trap

GENRE(S): Progressive House/Electro House

RELEASE DATE: 25.06.12

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Last month, Deadmau5 released his latest track The Veldt off of his own label, Mau5trap, and this progressive house track of high expectations did not disappoint. Having teased us with The Veldt’s production during live stream sessions, Deadmau5 had only teased us some more with the May release of the track, claiming it to be a radio edit with a lengthier version to come. Now, we get the full thing, and although we called The Veldt a masterpiece before, it’s even more grand and wonderful this time around. The beginning of the full version of The Veldt takes the listener and throws them into an upbeat, jungle type setting with the amazing variety of sounds, hinting at the uplifting melody that will follow. Deadmau5 has worked his magic again with this track by putting the listener in a different world, this time making them feel as if they are actually on the African Veldt – which, if you haven’t read the short story by Ray Bradbury, then you should, as it really makes perfect sense out of the lyrics of the track.

Also included in The Veldt EP package is yet another original mix by Deadmau5 – a collaboration called Failbait with the old school hip hop group Cypress Hill. The funky sounds created by Deadmau5 and the old school lyrical style supplied by Cypress Hill gives Failbait a fresh sound, as it’s not something that we’ve typically heard from Deadmau5.

Last but not least, two remixes of The Veldt make an appearance on the EP: the electro house Tommy Trash remix which we have been enjoying for some time now, as it’s been played by several different big artists on their podcasts and live, including being played by Deadmau5 himself, and a new remix by Freeform Five, which gives the track a trance-like feel by making the vocals of Chris James echo and seem distant, and straying away from the original melody altogether.

Do not pass up on Deadmau5’s The Veldt EP, as The Veldt has easily become one of the most mesmerizing and enchanting tracks of the summer. Stay tuned for more from Deadmau5 in future months, as this should be a big studio year for him!

Deadmau5 Feat. Chris James – The Veldt

Deadmau5 Feat. Cypress Hill – Failbait

Deadmau5 Feat. Chris James – The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)

Deadmau5 Feat. Chris James – The Veldt (Freeform Five Remix)

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