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By Jonathan Murray, March 28, 2013

This year’s Miami Music Week was truly an incredible experience, with people from all over the entire world packed into one big city for one specific reason: the love of house music! With parties literally going on every hour of the day,… Read More »

By Jonathan Murray, February 28, 2013

With 2013’s Miami Music Week less than a month away, the party line-ups being revealed daily are making decisions harder and harder! Recently announced to the MMW line-up, for the first time ever, is one of the world’s biggest dance labels, Spinnin’ Records, very… Read More »

By Stephane Turquay, July 18, 2011

Following the german duo Inpetto, after the amazing collaboration with Patrick la Funk called Blizzard released one month ago on Spinnin and single track called Move with great vocalist Max C’ released on Ibiza 2011 Unmixed: Beatport Special Edition, it’s time for something new from Inpetto. The next production signed by Spinnin Records and this… Read More »