[News] Exclusive Interview With Tyler Sherritt!

Exclusive Interview With Tyler Sherritt!

Tyler Sherritt, an up and coming producer from New York City, is becoming one of the hottest new producers in the area. Over the last few months, House4DJ has been able to attend some of Sherritt’s gigs: opening for Deniz Koyu at Cielo, headlining at Hudson Terrace, and opening for Gregori Klosman at Pacha NYC! One thing we have learned from watching Sherritt’s sets is his ability to adapt with every set, whether it be implementing new incredible bootlegs of his own each time, or playing his own original tracks that not all listeners recognize at first, but end up loving based on reactions! For an artist to be able to differentiate playing an opening set and a headlining set is a huge feat in itself, as it takes tremendous skill, but Sherritt has nailed it every time with really good tech house. Musically trained at a young age, before DJing Sherritt had gone on to touring with Hip-Hop artists Shwayze and Tyga, where he played guitar and sang. It should also be noted that on his original tracks, like the unreleased Wonders, and Armin van Buuren and Gareth Emery supported collaboration with First State called Maze, the vocals are provided by Sherritt himself!

During his last gig at Pacha NYC with Gregori Klosman, House4DJ was able to meet with Tyler Sherritt and interview him on upcoming collaborations, as well as find out a little information about himself!

H4DJ: When did you start singing/playing music?

Tyler Sherritt: I have been singing ever since I was a kid, and started picking up guitar and piano when I was around 10 or 11.

H4DJ: When did your interest in Electronic Dance Music begin?

Sherritt: My interest developed after I went to my first real EDM show when I was 17. I had no idea about how intense and amazing this music could sound in a live sense. I guess all the times I had heard it before had not been in the proper setting, so until then I never had the right appreciation for it.

H4DJ: What’s your inspiration for getting into your zone and producing music?

Sherritt: I usually am most inspired after going to see a show or hearing a new song that is pushing boundaries, but producing and writing are my favorite things to do. I spend my days doing things involving my own development in music.

H4DJ: In which direction are you looking to go with using your vocals in your own tracks? Something similar in the direction of Calvin Harris, or…?

Sherritt: I don’t plan to really be like anyone, of course I am influenced and will stay current but I don’t need to be like anyone. Honestly, what I intend for my live shows is to develop into something that I have not seen out there yet. Since I play multiple instruments as well as DJ, I would love my live performances to evolve into a full show with live singing, live guitar and piano, and implementing a lot of digital hardware (Kaos pads, Midi fighters, etc.). Of course, there are a lot of developmental aspects which need to be done. I have already been singing at my shows, but incorporating my other musical abilities into my live shows is definitely something I hope to be able to share in the future.

H4DJ: Do you write the lyrics to your own songs, and if so, what kind of mood are you in when you do it?

Sherritt: Yes, I write all of my own lyrics. I am lucky to have such a huge support group around me, whether it is friends or fellow artists, who share a passion for the music I create, so sometimes it helps to bounce my ideas off of them. But for the most part, I just mess around with melodies and write what I am really feeling.

H4DJ: How do you approach your set?

Sherritt: Every show is different. I spend a lot of time making my own edits so I can deliver a whole new element of intensity to my sets. I love to surprise my fans and followers with music/tracks they aren’t expecting, and really move away from the typical “Top 100 Beatport” sets.

H4DJ: You’re from Alaska. How did your lifestyle change moving from Alaska to New York City?

Sherritt: Yes, I am from Alaska, but I also lived in Baku, Azerbaijan from 7th-10th grade when my father was transferred for business purposes. For the past two years I have been living in Los Angeles, so I am used to and able to adapt pretty well to a change of scenery and lifestyle. Making the move to NYC has been absolutely amazing; every weekday and weekend there is something going on, and it is by far one of the greatest places to play house music!

H4DJ: How did it feel to go on tour with Shwayze and Tyga? That is quite an accomplishment!

Sherritt: It was incredible!  I was given the opportunity to travel the country with amazing and talented people, I played awesome shows, and really took my musical career to another level after that!

H4DJ: Your track with First State called “Maze” has had great success. What can you tell us about the upcoming collaboration with First State? Will you be providing the vocals again?

Sherritt: Yes and I have actually been in the studio for the past couple of week finishing up the vocals for our most recent collaboration, which will be a follow up to Maze. We have great chemistry and work really well together. There are already plans in motion on creating more than just a couple of new tracks!

H4DJ: Biggest challenge you’ve faced this year?

Sherritt: I’d have to say moving across the country.

H4DJ: Favorite house track of the moment?

Sherritt: Good Question! There is so much great music out right now. But lately there are two which have really caught my attention: Amarok by Denzal Park and Party Voice by Beltek.

H4DJ: Anything you would like to say to your fans and future followers?

Sherritt: Thank you so much for all of your support! For those of you who have been following me, whether it be recently or since the beginning, I couldn’t do it without your amazing feedback. Providing all of you with music is what I have been working every day for, and I can’t wait to share my new material with you all!

Tyler Sherritt @ Pacha NYC

It has also been revealed that besides with First State, a collaboration is in the works with Swab and Joey Mova from Perfecto, and a massive collaboration with Ivan Gough, who’s production In My Mind has become one of the biggest tracks of the year! House4DJ has also been sharing Tyler Sherritt’s free bootlegs on our Facebook page, like Molly Generation, which has already been supported by big names like The Crystal Method!

Tyler Sherritt is definitely an act to look out for, so make sure you catch him if you are in the New York City area, as well as at his first festival gig in Miami with the Lights Out Festival on July 21, alongside acts like Lucky Date and Alex Kenji. Stay tuned for more announcements on Tyler Sherritt soon!

First State Feat. Tyler Sherritt – Maze

Jake Shanahan & Tyler Sherritt – Wonders

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