[News] Deadmau5 Teams Up With NVIDIA To Create The Ultimate Mau5 Spec Stream Lab (Includes Interview With NVIDIA’s Kris Rey)!

Deadmau5 Teams Up With NVIDIA To Create The Ultimate Mau5 Spec Stream Lab (Includes Interview With NVIDIA's Kris Rey)

One of the biggest producers in the industry known for pushing technological boundaries, as well as being a massive gamer, Joel Zimmerman AKA Deadmau5, has teamed up with another power player, NVIDIA, the world renown leader of visual technology and super powered gaming graphics processing units (GPUs), to create the Ultimate mau5 Spec Stream Lab!

Episode 1 of the 3 part video series has just kicked off, and as we see in the video, NVIDIA’s Creative Director Jules Mann and Community Manager Kris Rey (interviewed below!) sit down with the mau5 himself to construct 4 of the most insane, super-powered, one-of-a-kind computers, each themed and designed based off of Deadmau5’s ridiculous supercar collection! Deadmau5’s new Spec Stream Lab will enable him to do everything, whether it be working on new music, streaming to fans, or of course, playing video games in the new super studio, using some of the craziest cutting-edge custom computers known to man!

deadmau5 + nvidia

Of course, being big fans of video games and computers ourselves, we are thrilled at House4DJ to have had the chance to talk to NVIDIA’s Community Manager Kris Rey about the project, and get some details about this awesome collaboration!

House4DJ: What can we expect from this new super collaboration between NVIDIA and Deadmau5?

Kris Rey: Our goal is to create an amazing live streaming studio that Joel can use to create content out of. This stream lab is all about giving him all the tools he needs to create content, no matter what the type of content is! As this project starts to unfold, you’ll see more of the technology and more of the features. Since the computers are all custom, very high-end, handcrafted computers, the focus of this project is really about the development of these five computers and how they fit into the space that Joel has built up.

H4DJ: In Deadmau5’s streams in the past, he’s made pretty big interactions with fans and can chat with them directly during his stream. What can we expect as far as fan interaction with the new studio?

Rey: The space that we built is specifically designed to have lots of displays in the room so that Joel can play chat stream no matter where he is in the room, so it will always be visible, and have also enabled his ability to have cameras everywhere in the room and to have displays in the perfect places so he can always be up to speed with his stream chat.

To be clear, the 5 computers being made are themed and tied in to Joel’s vehicles, so that’s the main goal of the project. These cases aren’t ones you’d just be able to go out and buy – the concepts were all created with Joel, and as you’ll see in Episode 2, we get into the fabrication of these computers, and what goes into that – thermal imaging, having someone to actually create the case. Deadmau5 had a heavy hand in the development of this.

We’ve built the computers and thematically developed the room to ensure that the way Joel has interacted with fans in the past, whether it be responding on camera or participating in chat, that we are making that really easy for him. It’s a stream lab, a studio, so there’s multiple computers in the room, multiple spaces for guests.

As you’ll see, Episode 1 was all about the design, Episode 2 is about taking those designs and fabricating them, and Episode 3 is about delivery.

H4DJ: So out of all of these custom super computers, what is your personal favorite?

Rey: They are all really unique in their own right and that’s the beautiful thing about this project! It’s not like we just built 5 computers and they are really fast and have a lot of great parts in them, but it really comes down to making something super unique and taking things that both Deadmau5 and NVIDIA love, from gaming and wacky design, and the personality of his vehicles, and making them into computers. I have a favorite part about each computer – they all have really unique features which is the awesome part about this project! Rarely do you see thematic elements of vehicles being pulled into computers like this – you’ll see a lot of brand themes, but nothing really painstakingly created of a car into a computer.

House4DJ would like to thank Kris Rey for giving us some insight into this exciting new collaboration between NVIDIA and Deadmau5! Be sure to check out the first episode of the series The Deadmau5 Project below, and stay tuned for the next episode airing on July 20!

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