House4DJ Life is House Music Tue, 19 Jul 2016 14:58:41 +0000 en-US hourly 1 [Release] Oscar L & Jean Pierre – Pippen Song [Stereo] Thu, 12 Mar 2015 18:18:10 +0000 Read More »]]> Jean Pierre & Oscar L - Pippen Song

Release Info

TRACK NAME: Pippen Song

ARTIST(S): Oscar L, Jean Pierre

EP NAME: Miami 2015

LABEL(S): Stereo Productions

GENRE(S): Techno

RELEASE DATE: 02.03.15

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Miami Music Week is right around the corner, and to get you hyped up in preparation for one of the biggest yearly events in dance music, we get a hot new collaboration from NYC’s Jean Pierre and Madrid’s Oscar L called Pippen Song, a techno bomb recently released on Stereo Productions!

Jean Pierre and Oscar L have had some huge releases over the last few months, Jean Pierre with the Lost In Queens EP on Victor Calderone and Mike Frade’s Waveform Recordings, and Oscar L with The Afterhour on Mark Knight’s Toolroom Trax, so it’s with great pleasure that we get to see the two team up for a massive bomb with Pippen Song on Stereo.

As part of the recent Miami 2015 compilation mix from Stereo head honchos Chus & CeballosPippen Song is a fiery dance floor destroyer – the chunky bass-line and euphoric vocal top-line will lift you up and get you high, without ever coming back down – an effective track to build your set and keep the party going! Keep an ear out for this one in Miami

Get ready for WMC 2015 by checking out the Miami 2015 mix from Chus & Ceballos and Jean Pierre & Oscar L’s Pippen Song, out on Stereo Productions, now!

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[Release] Victor Calderone – Burden EP [Drumcode] Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:34:25 +0000 Read More »]]> Victor Calderone - Burden EP

Release Info

TRACK NAME: Burden/Skin

ARTIST(S): Victor Calderone

EP NAME: Burden

LABEL(S): Drumcode

GENRE(S): Techno

RELEASE DATE: 02.03.15

BUY LINK: Buy Link

NYC DJ/producer Victor Calderone has been setting fire to dance floors at some of the hottest nightclubs across the coast over the last few months, from Story Miami to Stereo Montreal, and most importantly, at his ground-breaking monthly residency of his new brand MΛTTER+ at Space Ibiza New York, so it is with great pleasure that we get to see a massive new release on the iconic Drumcode label from the nightlife legend in the form of the Burden EP.

The last time we saw a release from Victor Calderone on Drumcode was over two years ago with the incredible The Journey Begins EP collaboration with Nicole Moudaber, and as you can imagine, Calderone’s first solo Drumcode release and return to the label is equally as mind-blowing. The first track off of the EP is the self-titled Burden, a groovy banger that uses a repeating vocal over a chugging bass-line, effective synth stabs and the classic Calderone percussive hi-hat and snare sounds, which give the track a fresh but familiar sound. The second track Skin follows suit with another addicting vocal hook, funky bass-line, and drum kicks, a perfect counter-part to Burden. Both tracks have already proven to demolish the dance floor in Calderone’s most recent live sets, so you can be sure that they will drive the crowd wild!

Keep an eye and ear out from more on Victor Calderone soon – stay tuned for the next installment of MΛTTER+ with Victor Calderone and special guest Paco Osuna at Space Ibiza NY on March 14 – but until then, prepare yourself with the Burden EP!

Victor Calderone on Social Networks
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[Release] Anthony Cardinale – Transfers EP (Incl. Alex Dolby Remix) [Waveform] Mon, 29 Dec 2014 16:06:39 +0000 Read More »]]> Anthony Cardinale - Transfers EP (Incl. Alex Dolby Remix)

Release Info

TRACK NAME: Transfers/Flip Mode

ARTIST(S): Anthony Cardinale

REMIXER(S): Alex Dolby

EP NAME: Transfers

LABEL(S): Waveform Recordings

GENRE(S): Techno

RELEASE DATE: 15.12.14

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Anthony Cardinale has proven himself time and time again as one of the youngest yet most influential, aspiring DJ/producers in the underground dance scene of New York, and to finish off the year with a bang, the rising artist has just released what is sure to be his most massive EP yet: a three track banger off of Waveform Recordings, the heavyweight techno and tech house label championed by Victor Calderone and Mike Frade!

First up on the EP is the title track Transfers – a bomb of a track that has a deep, chugging bass-line and a groove of funky chords that keep progressively building until the very end, perfect for building up your set to get ready to knock everyone down! Alex Dolby’s remix flips the script and brings a different version of the chugging bass-line to the forefront, using dark synth stabs while keeping the same progressive type build of the original, bringing an overall darker vibe to the mix. Cardinale’s other original mix on the EP, Flip Mode, is a groovy banger full of different percussion sounds fused with dark techno sounds and a break that will blow your mind.

Anthony Cardinale’s Transfers EP is a perfect fit for the Waveform imprint, and it’s another giant step forward for the young DJ/producer – keep your eyes and ears on this one! Stay tuned for more on Anthony Cardinale as well as Waveform Recordings, and pick up the Transfers EP now!

Anthony Cardinale on Social Networks
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Exclusive Interview With Andrew Rayel @ TomorrowWorld 2014 Thu, 02 Oct 2014 20:21:37 +0000 Read More »]]> Exclusive Interview With Andrew Rayel @ TomorrowWorld 2014

While recently attending the TomorrowWorld music festival, House4DJ had the incredible opportunity to sit down and talk with Andrew Rayel, one of the hottest rising stars in the world of electronic dance music.
Currently signed to Armin van Buuren’s label, Armada Music, Rayel has been described by Armin van Buuren as being “the future of trance music.” Rayel’s highly anticipated debut album Find Your Harmony was released earlier this year on Armada Music and features vocalists Christian Burns, Jonathan Mendelsohn, Alexandra Badoi, Sylvia Tosun, Lira Yin, Jano, and Jwaydan, all incorporated with Rayel’s unique production style and sound. Classically trained as a musician from an early age, the overall energy Andrew Rayel creates can be simply described as euphoric.

The beautiful Chattahoochee Hills just outside of Atlanta, Georgia was the stage for what promised to be a highlight set of the 3-day event. The overall energy of the crowd that packed into the Full On Stage on Sunday evening seemed to be on another level. The 90-minute set incorporated tracks from Rayel’s latest album release, in addition to many of the top vocal arrangements in today’s dance music scene, including “A Sky Full Of Stars”, “Dare You”, “Under Control”, “Clarity” and “If I Lose Myself”’, to name a few. Andrew’s energy level never seemed to wane; he was fully engaged and connected with his audience for the entire set. The moments when he had his arms outstretched, it felt as though he was embracing the entire audience, giving everyone a group hug. The highlight of the set had to be when he dropped “One In A Million”, the massive release off of his latest album Find Your Harmony, and Andrew’s personal favorite track from this album. Overall, the entire time spent with Andrew Rayel on the final day of TomorrowWorld 2014 was like a magical journey from start to finish.

When you experience music that gives you goose bumps and makes you feel, that is when you know it is truly real, making you aware of the actual power that music can truly possess. The future seems as though it will be incredibly bright for an artist that continues to remain true to himself and his musical style.

“I believe music is a universal language that unites people with nothingbut love. I intend to make sure that my tracks are all about emotions and happiness. That’s what’s driving music, making the world a better place.” ~ Andrew Rayel

Andrew Rayel

Q & A with Andrew Rayel

 House4DJ: As 2014 comes to a close, what would you say is your most urgent priority before we enter the New Year?

 Andrew Rayel: I think my main priority right now is my album Find Your Harmony, and all of the music from the album. I’m trying to promote it as hard as I can and share it with as many people as possible.

 H4DJ: If there was one thing you could change in regard to the current EDM scene what would that be?

Rayel: I think I would make it more melodic as opposed to only all kinds of drops. However, I still think the drops are important for a gig because it’s still a party and everyone wants to jump. But I don’t think it is okay when you play two hours of just drops. So I would say I’d make it more diverse.

 H4DJ: Do you have a pre-set ritual?

Rayel: I don’t necessarily have a pre-set ritual. But I do have a lucky wristband that’s been with me for the past two to three years. I’ve never missed a show without this wristband.

H4DJ: What do you find to be the most challenging aspect in balancing your tour schedule, studio time and various other commitments, in addition to maintaining a healthy personal life?

Rayel: All of that is so hard to balance. I can do two out of three. I can be healthy and tour a lot, but miss time in the studio; or tour a lot and spend time in the studio, but not be healthy because you’re traveling all the time. So it’s extremely challenging for me to balance all three of them at once, but I am doing my best to try. I am taking two weeks off after TomorrowWorld because I want to get in the studio and spend some time working on my production. This summer was crazy for me; I had days where I had to play three big music festivals in one day, so it can be pretty exhausting at times. The biggest challenge is to stay alive. That’s what we’re doing right now, we’re trying to survive, and that’s what one of my friends told me. You’re just trying to survive.

H4DJ: Anything exclusive you can share with us in regards to upcoming projects or unreleased tracks or collaborations?

Rayel: Currently we are working on the remixes for the album, so there will be a lot of new singles and remixes that will be released in the near future. We are also working on putting together a proper show and tour; probably next year I will have everything put together with a concept in mind and visuals to go along with everything. I am really excited to start to work on all that and make it happen in 2015.

H4DJ: Outside of your music what are some hobbies or personal activities you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Rayel: I am a big fan of science fiction movies. When I’m flying to various locations, I spend a good deal of time watching movies. I also really enjoy playing ping pong when I have the free time.

H4DJ: You’ve been referred to as the modern day Mozart. Do you listen to classical music and draw influence from any specific artists?

Rayel: I do listen to classical music and get inspired by it as well. I don’t use any older melodies in my tracks; however, I do like it because it is very emotional, melodic and the harmony is so strong, in comparison to some pop songs that only contain three chords. Sometimes I create a melody that consists of 12 to 14 absolutely different chords. It’s pretty hard for people to understand that because they need a short melody, something that’s easy to remember, so everyone can sing. But I think sometimes you have to do something special and unique.

H4DJ: Is there something that your peers in the music industry consistently ask for your advice on? What is it?

Rayel: A lot of people ask me what my key to success is and various things along those lines. I say that you just have to bring a ton of energy and find your own unique style, while finding the proper balance between gigs and studio time. But most importantly, you have to enjoy what you do. If you are just doing it for the money or the cool factor, that really means nothing to you as an artist. You have to enjoy it if you want it to work.

H4DJ: What has been your most memorable moment while on tour?

Rayel: Probably the moment when Armin [van Buuren] put me on his shoulders during a show; I think the first time it happened was in Malaysia. Armin and I had worked on a track together called “EIFORYA”. At an event in Malaysia, I performed before Armin, so I asked him if he was going to play our collaboration. Armin said, “Yes of course; you should come up on stage and maybe we can present it together.” I went to the stage while Armin was playing the track and he just took me and put me on his shoulders. It was an absolutely incredible feeling. It was crazy! That would definitely have to be one of my most memorable moments from this year and quite possibly my whole career.

H4DJ: How did you derive the name Andrew Rayel from Andrei Rață?

Rayel: I just wanted to have something more universal, because most people can’t pronounce my name correctly. I wanted something that would be easier for people, nothing special or significant other than that simple reason.

Andrew Rayel 2

Rapid Fire Questions

H4DJ: What is your favorite track of all-time?
Rayel: “Serenity” by Armin van Buuren

H4DJ: What is your favorite city?
Rayel: Vancouver, Canada

H4DJ: Who is your favorite artist outside of EDM?
Rayel: Hans Zimmer

H4DJ: If you could play back-to-back with any DJ, who would that be?
Rayel: Armin van Buuren

H4DJ: What artists have had the most influence on your work?
Rayel: Armin van Buuren, Hans Zimmer and Dash Berlin

H4DJ: What is your favorite track off of the new album Find Your Harmony?
Andrew Rayel: “One In A Million”

H4DJ: Artist you most want to work with that you haven’t already?
Rayel: Dash Berlin

H4DJ: If you had a personal anthem or theme song, what would that be?
Rayel: “Remember the Love” by DJ’s United

H4DJ: What is a hidden talent you posses?
Rayel: I’m a good painter

H4DJ: If you could master any instrument on earth what would it be?
Rayel: Violin

Everyone at House4DJ greatly appreciates Andrew Rayel taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to spend a few minutes with us. In addition, a special thank-you to his entire team, especially Emily Tan, who were integral parts of making this interview possible!

Andrew Rayel’s album Find Your Harmony is currently available on iTunes and Beatport! Also, follow and stay tuned to Andrew on SoundCloud for his Find Your Harmony Radio Show episodes!

Photo Credits:
Doug van Sant
Armada Music

Andrew Rayel on Social Networks
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[Free Download] TomorrowWorld “Artists Of Tomorrow” Volume #005: Lane 8 Fri, 05 Sep 2014 19:17:37 +0000 Read More »]]> TomorrowWorld Artists Of Tomorrow Volume #005 - Lane 8

TomorrowWorld is right around the corner, and to help prepare us for the second edition of this massive festival, the people of TomorrowWorld have released the next installment of their “Artists of Tomorrow” mixtape series. This one hour mix comes from none other than a fresh German DJ/producer named Lane 8, who’s records have already become staples in the ever-growing Anjunadeep catalog!

Having put together a deep and groovy set of hot new music, including several of his own tracks like Without You and I Got What You Need, as well as his official remix to Eric Prydz’ Liberate, Lane 8s vibe-heavy, heavenly mix will take you away!

There is no question that TomorrowWorld’s knack for finding and supporting the next generation of music is unparalleled, so you will be sure to hear some amazing new sounds at an immersive experience unlike any other, starting September 26, as the festival takes over Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia!

Make sure to catch Lane 8 from the Anjunadeep stage at TomorrowWorld, and get your tickets by clicking here. Don’t wait!


01) Jonas Rathsman – Skepparkrans
02) Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here (KiNK Remix)
03) Eric Prydz – Liberate (Lane 8 Remix)
04) Glass Figure – Cowboy
05) Lane 8 – Diamonds ft. Solomon Grey
06) Lane 8 – Without You
07) Kiesza – Hideaway (Lane 8 VIP)
08) David Morales – Needin U (Lane 8 Edit)
09) Lane 8 ft. Bipolar Sunshine – I Got What You Need (Every Night)
10) Soul Button – 7th Heaven (Dahu Remix)
11) Mickey – Holding Hands
12) Redlight – 9TS
13) Drew Hill – Talk To You (Groove Armada Remix)
14) Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Disciples Remix)
15) Shadow Child & Doorly – Piano Weapon
16) Me & My Toothbrush – Fair Enough (Sons Of Maria Remix)
17) Lane 8 ft. Lucy Stone – Nothing You Can Say (Acapella)

Lane 8 on Social Networks
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[Free Download] Hans Zimmer – Time (Tyler Sherritt Rework) Fri, 05 Sep 2014 16:28:57 +0000 Read More »]]> Hans Zimmer - Time (Tyler Sherritt Rework)

Release Info


ARTIST(S): Hans Zimmer

REMIXER(S): Tyler Sherritt

RELEASE DATE: 31.08.14

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Inspired by internationally renown composer Hans Zimmer (whom also composed the Tomorrowland Hymn), the extremely talented singer/DJ/producer Tyler Sherritt has created a breathtaking rework of the Hans Zimmer piece Time, from the movie Inception, in preparation for his upcoming TomorrowWorld debut!

“With much of today’s dance music being about the instant gratification of ‘the drop,’ I decided to take a step away from that. This remix is still about evoking those emotions from the original composer, and is meant to be a journey about how music today has no boundaries.” –

Sherritt’s take on Time is euphoric and uplifting, with trance like elements that will get you high and take you away. This piece may be different from what you are used to hearing in the dance music scene, but that’s a good thing – in fact, Sherritt’s rework of Time showcases his various talents as a producer, and the ability to expand using fresh new takes on music and sound.

Enjoy this free download, and make sure to check out Tyler Sherritt on the Trance Addicts stage at this year’s TomorrowWorld!


Tyler Sherritt on Social Networks
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[Release] Lumberjack & Harvel B – Monarch [DJ Center] Wed, 28 May 2014 02:40:13 +0000 Read More »]]> Lumberjack & Harvel B - Monarch

Release Info


ARTIST(S): Lumberjack & Harvel B

LABEL(S): DJ Center Records

GENRE(S): Electro House

RELEASE DATE: 19.05.14

BUY LINK: Buy Link

The Parisian duo Lumberjack, composed of Jim Zerga and Chris Vallée, have joined forces with fellow French producer Harvel B to bring you a hot electro house anthem just in time for the festival season!

Available now on DJ Center Records, the Lumberjack and Havel B collab Monarch has been quickly reaching electro house royalty, having already made  it into Beatport’s Top 10 Electro House and Top 25 charts respectively. Using a phat kick-drum throughout and a regal sounding build of flute sounds, Monarch is a fresh take on big room electro that will undoubtedly create mayhem at any stomping ground!

Stay tuned for more info on Lumberjack and Harvel B, and check out Monarch on DJ Center Records now!

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[Release] Dada Life – Born to rage (Mercer Remix) [So Much Dada] Tue, 29 Apr 2014 18:28:11 +0000 Read More »]]> BornToRage_Mercer_Remix

Release Info

TRACK NAME: Born To Rage

ARTIST(S): Dada Life

REMIXER(S): Mercer

LABEL(S): So Much Dada

GENRE(S): Electro House

RELEASE DATE: 29.04.2014

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Among the frenchies who succeed in the electronic dance music, there are of course the big heads such as David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar and more who are part of the “old” génération, then came Gregori Klosman and Tristan Garner to name a few and for more than a year we have to deal with this producer from the shadow… I mean MERCER.

Mercer has been stuck in his Parisian studio, level -2 to be precise, for many and many months until he put the head outside to breathe some fresh air. Months ago, you discovered the astounding collaboration with Alvaro “Welcome To The Jungle“, followed up by another dancefloor killer “Supreme“.

Lately , he released Lunatic along with the chart-topping producer DJ SNAKE. As you may notice, Mercer and his friend, DJ SNAKE, for more than 15 years, are touring together over the world but mainly the USA.

Mercer’s life is pretty intense these days with lot of gigs but also releases. Indeed, after having released Bangla yesterday, Mercer has another record unleashed which is a tremendous remix of Dada Life’s Born To Rage.

The road has just begun for Mercer and you can expect a lot for the following years.

Mercer on Social Networks
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[Release] Carl Nunes & Tyler Sherritt – Reflect [Cryon] Mon, 14 Apr 2014 17:27:12 +0000 Read More »]]> Carl Nunes & Tyler Sherritt - Reflect

Release Info


ARTIST(S): Carl Nunes & Tyler Sherritt

LABEL(S): Cryon Recordings

GENRE(S): Progressive House

RELEASE DATE: 07.04.14

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Hot off of Cryon Recordings, the freshman label of Armada Music, is a fresh collaboration between Tyler Sherritt and Carl Nunes named Reflect, a progressive anthem released just in time for kicking off the Spring and Summer festival season! Sherritt has made a massive breakthrough in the dance music scene over the last two years, along with Guatemalan native Nunes, who’s last collaboration with Sheritt called Survive hit the Beatport charts back in December 2012. Once again, we get to see the two multi-talented producers join forces for a monster of an anthem with Reflect. Featuring uplifting vocals provided by Sherritt himself and a euphoric, melodic build leading into a prog-trance drop with a fat bassline highlighted by soothing chords, Reflect has quickly been climbing progressive house charts and has received early support from the likes of Gareth Emery and Dash Berlin to name a few, so it can be said that the progressive bomb has found a perfectly fitting home on the Cryon Recordings imprint!

Stay tuned for more on these two young and super talented producers, and check out Carl Nunes & Tyler Sherritt’s Reflect now!

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[Livesets] Ultra Music Festival 2014 – March 28-30 Sat, 05 Apr 2014 16:22:31 +0000 Read More »]]> Ultra Music Festival - March 28-30

This year’s Ultra Music Festival may have come to an end, but now you can relive some of the highlights of the festival courtesy of the artists themselves! After a sold out festival spanning from March 28-30, fans have been left wanting more after a Miami Music Week that seemed to end all too soon, especially considering Ultra ran for two consecutive weekends last year. Despite making headline news after an incident involving a staff injury due to reckless ravers without tickets who knocked over a barricade to get in, we are definitely likely to see Ultra’s return to the United States at the least, if not in Miami, after reports that the 15-year-old festival was told they might have to find a new home. With 2015 dates announced for March 27-29, all we can do now is wait to see where the location may be, but let’s hope for a sweet return to Miami. As always, the artists have brought a ton of new material to the turntables, filling their sets with new upcoming releases and jaw-dropping IDs. Check out some of the highlights from this year’s Ultra Music Festival, including unforgettable sets from the likes of Kaskade, Steve AngelloHardwellAfrojackl, and Eric Prydz, to name a few!

Stay tuned for more news on Ultra and enjoy!

Day 1 – Friday March 28




01. Kaskade & Thomas Sagstad vs. Morning Parade – Under The Stars (Ultra 2014 Intro Edit)
02. Galantis – You
03. Kaskade & Project 46 – Last Chance (Extended Mix)
04. Kaskade & Project 46 – Last Chance (Clockwork Remix)
05. Laidback Luke & Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World Behind (Cobra Effect Boot)
06. Kaskade vs. R3hab & Deorro – Turn It Down Flashlight (Ultra 2014 Mash)
07. Kaskade vs. Stefan Dabruck – Knowing Fire (Ultra 2014 Mash)
08. Kaskade vs. Digital LAB & MITS – Here We Go How It Is (Ultra 2014 Mash)
09. Alvaro & Glow In The Dark – Charged
10. Kaskade vs. Lucky Date & Moby – Angel Delay (Ultra 2014 Mash)
11. Kaskade vs. Patric La Funk & DBN – Please Say You Will Quick Quack (Ultra 2014 Mash)
12. Kaskade & Zip Zip Through The Night – Somehting Something Champs (Kaskade Mash Up)
13. Lana Del Rey – Young And Beautiful (Kaskade Remix)
14. Kaskade – Atmosphere
15. Kaskade – Atmosphere (GTA Remix)
16. Tom Star – Rocket
17. Kaskade – Eyes

Eric Prydz




The Chainsmokers


Day 2 – Saturday March 29

Nicky Romero

Martin Garrix

W & W



1. Intro
2. Blasterjaxx – ID (Working title: Gravity)
3. 1234 Stronger Kato (BlasterSmash)
4. R3hab & Nervo & Ummet Ozcan – Revolution (Vocal Mix)
5. Blasterjaxx – ID
6. Blasterjaxx & Badd Dimes – Titan (Original Mix)
7. Rick Mitchells – Sub Zero (Original Mix)
8. Nervo & Ivan Gough Ft. Beverley Knight – Not taking this no more (MAKJ Remix)
9. John Christian – Gunshot (Original Mix)
10. Mammoth Hero (BlasterSmash)
11. Blasterjaxx & Ibranovski – Astronaut (Original Mix)
12. Armin van Buuren – Save My Night (Blasterjaxx Remix)
13. Blasterjaxx – ID (Working title: Heartbreak)
14. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
15. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Ft. GTA – Turn It Up (Original Mix)
16. Supermode – Tell Me Why
17. La Tromba (Chris Lake & Nom De Strip Remix)
18. DVBBS & Tony Junior – Immortal (Original Mix)
19. Holy Snake (Chuckie Edit)
20. Blasterjaxx – Vision (Exclusive)
21. Far East (Blasterjaxx Remix)
22. Blasterjaxx – Echo (Original Mix) – April 7 out on Protocol Recordings
23. Blasterjaxx – Faith (Original Mix)
24. Blasterjaxx – Fifteen (Hardwell Edit)
25. Laidback Luke & Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – More (Blasterjaxx Remix)
26. Badd Dimes – That Beat (Exclusive)
27. Show Me Invincible (BlasterSmash)
28. Blasterjaxx – Mystica (Original Mix)
29. Leave The World Behind (Acapella) + Blasterjaxx – ID + DVBBS – Tsunami (Blasterjaxx Remix)

Rebecca & Fiona


01. John Martin – Anywhere For You (Carli Remix) [ISLAND (UNIVERSAL)]
02. Arston – Zodiac [PINKSTAR] w/ Rebecca & Fiona – Soldier
03. Dada Life vs. Knife Party – Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker vs. EDM Death Machine (Rebecca & Fiona Mashup)
04. Helvetic Nerds – Blood Pressure (EDX & Leventina Remix) [PINKSTAR] w/ Nause – Made Of (Acappella) [MUTANTS]
05. Carli – Rhythm Doctor [FOOL’S GOLD]
06. Rebecca & Fiona – ID w/ Fedde Le Grand & Sultan & Ned Shepard – No Good [SPINNIN’]
07. Kaskade feat. Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down (Acappella) [ULTRA] w/ ID – ID
08. Avicii feat. Audra Mae – Addicted To You (ID Remix) [PRMD/ISLAND (UNIVERSAL)]
09. ID – ID
10. Axwell feat. Max C – I Found U (Remode) [AXTONE]
11. ID – ID
12. Arno Cost & Greg Cerrone – NightVenture [SIZE/SERIAL]
13. John Dahlback – Honors
14. Axwell feat. Tara McDonald – Feel The Vibe (Marcus Schossow 2013 Remode) [AXTONE]
15. Laidback Luke & Swedish House Mafia feat. Deborah Cox – Leave The World Behind (Cobra Effect Bootleg) [AXTONE]
16. Deniz Koyu vs. Eric Prydz – Ruby Pjanoo (Rebecca & Fiona Mashup)

Dillon Francis





Day 3 – Sunday March 30



Steve Angello


Sander van Doorn

Michael Brun

New World Punx


01. New World Punx – Pullover
02. ID – ID
03. ID – ID
04. Markus Schulz – Remember This
05. ID – ID
06. Fisherman & Hawkins – Apache
07. Fisherman & Hawkins vs Hardwell – Virus Apollo (Markus Schulz Mashup)
08. Michael Woods vs. Dave Schiemann – The Heartless Pit (Markus Schulz Mashup)
09. Andrew Bayer – Once Lydian
10. ID – Vicus
11. Mark Sherry – Trailblazer
12. Beat Service vs Markus Schulz & Ana Diaz – Nothing Without Fortuna (New World Punx Mashup)
13. Ferry Corsten – Black Light (New World Punx Edit)
14. Capital Cities – Safe & Sound (Markus Schulz vs. Grube & Hovsepian Remix)
15. ID – ID
16. KhoMha – Asylum
17. Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten – Loops & Tings
18. New World Punx – Romper
19. Klauss Goulart – Absolute Chaos
20. Ferry Corsten feat. Jenny Wahlström – Many Ways (Ferry Corsten NWP Edit)
21. Evol Waves vs. Delerium & Sarah McLachlan – Pushed Out Silence (Markus Schulz Mashup)
22. Paul van Dyk – For An Angel (ID Remix)
23. New World Punx – Digital Dreaming Punk

Fedde Le Grand


Gareth Emery


Cedric Gervais

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[Live Set] Richie Hawtin vs. Deadmau5 @ SXSW 2013 Tue, 18 Mar 2014 16:54:44 +0000 Read More »]]> Richie Hawtin Vs. Deadmau5 @ SXSW 2013

This year’s SXSW festival has come to a close, and although dance music was prominent yet again at this year’s interactive, one thing that we haven’t been able to get off our minds since last year was the slight chance that some day we might be able to hear a live back-to-back set from one of the most unlikely of mind-blowing duos: Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5. Luckily, today is that day. After a Q & A interview panel between the two artists, the Canadian tag team went head to head in a 90 minute plus set at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, TX, which we could only tease ourselves with by watching clips on YouTubeDeadmau5 released a new single earlier this month titled Sunspot (White Space Conflict) under the moniker testpilot on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 record label, eventually confirming that the track was indeed his own, and Hawtin has in turn uploaded their massive B2B set from last year’s SXSW to Soundcloud. Get a taste of techno heaven below and let us know what you think!

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[Release] Oscar G – Beats Vol. 2 [Nervous] Thu, 06 Feb 2014 02:31:32 +0000 Read More »]]> Oscar G - Beats Vol. 2

Release Info

ARTIST(S): Oscar G

EP NAME: Beats Vol. 2

LABEL(S): Nervous Records

GENRE(S): House

RELEASE DATE: 28.01.14

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Hot off of Nervous Records is the highly-anticipated studio album Beats Vol. 2 from one of Miami’s most celebrated house music producers (and honorary New Yorker), Oscar G! Following up from the first edition of Beats released nearly two years ago, Oscar G’s latest is a 70 minute long continuous mix of burning hot house, with all new originals and collaborations chock full of vocals, funk, soul, and of course, beats!

Kicking it off with a tease of an intro that plays as a flashback to the first volume of Beats (with samples of Fallin’Hypnotized, and Agua Bendita), we are immediately taken away by the first single off the album called 4000 Miles. With a collaborator spot from DMS12 and soulful vocals from Damon C Scott4000 Miles has already become a staple in Oscar G’s recent live sets, and with it’s groovy synth stabs and soulful funk, has already proven it’s worth on the dance floor. Set You Free will work you up with some slick percussive sounds and a catchy vocal, and the following Ounce Of Bounce keeps the groovy vibe flowing with some funky retro sounds. Getting into the second half of the mix, Oscar G takes us deeper with Unconditional, taking us away with the smooth, soulful vocals from Cari Golden, and Can’t F*ck With You – a track with a deep, groovy bass-line and a vocal top-line from female vocalist Jei.

Oscar G starts picking it up from here on out, and we start to hear more of his classic production style and sound, as heard in his banging mix Feel It  full of different percussive sounds, bassy chord jabs, and booming synth sounds that are immediately recognizable as Oscar G – followed by Running Away, a collaboration with Stryke and one of our personal favorite tracks on the album, which brings the set to the next level and takes you to space. With it’s non-stop barrage of synths, sound effects, and a high-energy constant build-up that never really climaxes, a touch of vocals, and a quick break near the end that only keeps the track pushing harder makes this a production gem. Little Havana is another collab with Stryke that has a Latino house vibe, Spanish vocals, and steel drums all the way through, which will unquestionably have this 9 minute track setting fire to the dance floor. Finishing the mix with La La Love, an upbeat track with a catchy vocal that will have you singing along, lifts you up and leaves you wanting more as the album reaches it’s end.

The official CD release party for Beats Vol. 2 with Oscar G will be taking place at none other than Cielo in New York City on February 13, so make sure to get your tickets now! Advance ticket purchase includes a copy of the CD!

Check out some highlights from Oscar G’s Beats Vol. 2 on Nervous Records below, as well as the official video for the first single 4000 Miles! Play it loud and enjoy!



1. OG Intro
2. 4000 Miles Feat. DMS12 & Damon C Scott
3. Set You Free
4. Ounce Of Bounce
5. Check The Mic
6. Unconditional Feat. Cari Golden
7. Can’t F*ck With You Feat. Jei
8. Feel It
9. Running Away Feat. Stryke
10. Little Havana Feat. Stryke
11. La La Love

Oscar G & DMS12 Feat. Damon C Scott – 4000 Miles (Official Video)

Oscar G – Set You Free (Official Video)

Oscar G on Social Networks
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[Mixtape] Mike Bugout – Clubplanet Radio 001 (Incl. Laidback Luke Guest Mix) Sat, 18 Jan 2014 17:28:32 +0000 Read More »]]> Mike Bugout - Clubplanet Radio 001 (Incl. Laidback Luke Guest Mix)

New York City DJ/producer Mike Bugout, having closed out 2013 with his very first original release called Lynx, has started 2014 with yet another bang in the form of a brand new radio show hosted by ClubPlanet! Each week, Mike Bugout’s Clubplanet Radio mix will feature special guest mixes from some of the industry’s biggest names, and will include some of the hottest new tunes in all genres of house music. Kicking it off for the very first episode is a very special guest mix from none other than the MixMash master and Dirty Dutch king, Laidback Luke!

Check back each week for the latest mix, and stay tuned for more news and music from Mike Bugout! Enjoy!


01. Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love [VIRGIN/EMI]
02. Gina Turner – Shake ft Tony Colorado (Douster Organ Mix) [ONES TO WATCH]
03. Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones – I Got U [Blase Boys]
04. Rudimental ft Emeli Sande – Free (Cash Cash x Gazzo Remix) [BIG BEAT]
05. James Blunt – Bonfire Heart (HIIO Remix) [ATLANTIC]
06. Martin Garrix – Animals (Oliver Heldens Remix) [SPINNIN]
07. Icona Pop – Just Another Night (Marcus Schossow Remix) [BIG BEAT]
08. Showtek – We Like To Party [SKINT]
09. Blasterjaxx – Mystica [REVEALED]
10. Aaron Gil & Delivio Reavon – Kickdrum [ONES TO WATCH]

Laidback Luke Guestmix

01. Groove Armada – I See You Baby
02. Bombs Away – Better Luck Next Time (Joel Fletcher Remix)
03. Dj Jean – The Launch (Joel Fletcher Bootleg)
04. Deorro & J-Trick – Rambo (Original Mix)
05. Calvin Harris – Thinking About You (Laidback Luke Remix)
06. Will Sparks – Ah Yeah (TJR Edit)
07. Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk (Laidback Luke Remix)
08. Deorro – Dechorro (Original Mix)
09. Deorro vs Krewella – What It Feels Like Yee (Audio Bastardz Mashup)
10. Blasterjaxx & D-Rashid – Where We Go
11. Calvin Harris & Alesso – Under Control (Oliver Heldens Bootleg)
12. Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (Jewelz & Scott Sparks Bootleg)
13. Laidback Luke feat Good Grip – Rocking With The Best (Acappella)
14. Symone – Buyakasha (Juyen Sebulba Remix)
15. Henry Fong – Stand Up (Halftime)
16. Laidback Luke feat Jonathan Mendelsohn – Timebomb (Original Mix)
17. Martin Solveig & Laidback Luke – Blow (Original Mix)
18. Martin Solveig – Hey Now (Laidback Luke Remix)
19. Moska – Get Down
20. Showtek v. Chuckie – Who’s Ready To Slow Down (Gusto Bootleg)
21. Laidback Luke feat Majestic – Pogo (Original Mix)
22. Borgore & Wockaflocka – Wild Out
23. Dimitri Vegas& Like Mike-Chattahoochee (TheTomorrowlandAnthem)
24. W&W – Thunder
25. Laidback Luke & Peking Duk – Mufasa
26. Thomas Newsson & New World State – Flute
27. Showtek & Noisecontrollers – Get Loose (Tiesto Remix)
28. Akon & David Guetta – Sexy Bitch (Afrojack Remix)
29. Alvaro & Mercer ft Lil Jon – Welcome to the jungle (Original Mix)
30. Anjulie – Brand New Bitch (Laidback Luke Remix)
31. Promise Land feat. Alicia Madison – Sun Shine Down (Laidback Luke Edit)
32. Michaek Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell’s Recut Club Version)
33. Afrojack & Steve Aoki – No Beef (Acapella)
34. Steve Aoki – Ladi Dadi (Tommy Trash Instrumental)
35. Invalyd – Let Your Heart Go (Laidback Luke edit)
36. ID – Collide
37. Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge – White Noise (Oliver Heldens & Tommie Sunshine Bootleg)

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[2013 Recap] Jean Pierre’s Top Tech House Tracks Fri, 17 Jan 2014 17:45:27 +0000 Read More »]]> Jean Pierre's Top Tech House Tracks

The last and final mix in House4DJ’s “2013 Recap” series comes from none other than New York City’s own, Jean Pierre, and rightfully so – after a massive breakthrough year in the underground house scene, Jean Pierre has quickly been making his way to the top. 2013 was a very busy production year for Jean Pierre, with countless releases in tech house and techno (and all of them bangers at that), the most massive and most important being Who U Mad At?, an original mix signed to Loco Dice’s Desolat label and released on Defected Records’ Loco Dice In The House album, a record that has been supported across the globe by some of the world’s biggest DJs/producers, and that we’ve personally heard live several times, including twice from Loco Dice himself. Jean Pierre also released an album on NYC‘s leading underground record label Nervous Records, a continuous mix in the  Nervous Nitelife album series. Despite the busy production year, Jean Pierre has gone on to headline and spin at almost every club, big and small, in New York, from headlining Marquee and closing out Pacha’s main floor several times, as well as headlining Cielo and his own Sunday residency at NYC’s latest hot spot Sankeys. Not limited to New York City, Jean Pierre has spread his unique style of techno and tech house across the US and beyond throughout the year.

With that being said, Jean Pierre has given us this exclusive mix of his top tech house choices from 2013, and all we can say is be prepared to get blown away. Featuring a Drumcode release, a record from NYC’s own Rob Mirage, two of Jean Pierre’s own mixes, and a hot Latino house influence, Jean Pierre’s best of the year mix is the perfect send-off for 2013.

This fiery mix will have you moving from start to finish, so make sure to download it for free, play it loud, and keep on dancing! Enjoy!


1. Giuseppe Cennamo – Insomnia (Original Mix)
2. Loquace, Synkrone, A.Weiss – Flash FM (Original Mix)
3. Jean Pierre – Covert (Danniel Selfmade & Charlie Demir Mix)
4. Harvey McKay – Hard to See (Original Mix)
5. SiS – Nesrib (Original Mix)
6. Catz ‘n Dogz, Monty Luke – They Frontin’ feat Monty Luke
7. Paul C vs Dan Noel & Sven Tasnadi – Stop Talkin Waterdrops (SABB EDIT)
8. Rob Mirage – We Bout To Bring It (Original Mix)
9. Piek – Insorit (Original Mix)
10. Rafael ” Lego” Rodriguez – El Ritmo De Verdad (Original Mix)
11. Super Flu – Va Ga Va Ga feat. Hjalmar (Original Mix)
12. Jean Pierre – Santelo (Original Mix)


Jean Pierre released these tracks in 2013:

Jean Pierre on Social Networks
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[Release] Audiobot & Night Crime – Out With The Old [CR2] Tue, 14 Jan 2014 23:31:21 +0000 Read More »]]> Audiobot & Night Crime - Out With The Old

Release Info

TRACK NAME: Out With The Old

ARTIST(S): Audiobot & Night Crime

EP NAME: Nu-Skool EP Volume 1

LABEL(S): Cr2 Records

GENRE(S): Electro House

RELEASE DATE: 07.01.14

BUY LINK: Buy Link

For the past year, House4DJ has been following an up and coming DJ/producer duo out of California called Night Crime. After starting 2013 with a huge remix to Steve Aoki’s Come With Me on Dim Mak with quite a few other releases to follow, it’s only expected that the young team of Carlos Alcala and Sergio Paramo would kick off the new year with yet another bang, and they’ve done just that – teaming up with fellow California based producer Audiobot, the three have created the monster track Out With The Old, the first record off the Nu-Skool EP Vol. 1, on MYNC’s internationally acclaimed Cr2 Records!

Having received early support from BassjackersMax VangeliJewelz & Scott Sparkz, and label boss MYNC to name a few, Audiobot & Night Crime’s Out With The Old is a pure electro house banger – featuring a very soothing melodic build-up of chimes and chords, Out With The Old turns into an electro frenzy that will set fire to the dance floor. Using their own unique style with that new school edge, the California trio of Night Crime and Audiobot have created a lasting testament of what to expect from the next generation of producers for the new year! The Nu-Skool EP includes works from other young up and coming producers like ShytseeHotlifeErol Montez and Jasper Dietze!

Check out Audiobot & Night Crime’s Out With The Old as well as the full Nu-Skool EP off Cr2 Records now!

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[2013 Recap] Anthony Cardinale’s Tech House/Techno TOP Tracks Sat, 04 Jan 2014 16:26:25 +0000 Read More »]]> Anthony Cardinale's Tech House/Techno TOP Tracks

The second mix in House4DJ’s “2013 Recap” series is a tech house/techno fusion from none other than New York City’s Anthony Cardinale. Having followed Anthony Cardinale’s DJ/producer career on House4DJ over the last few years, there is no question as to why we’ve been paying attention – as one of the youngest DJ/producers in the underground scene, his talent can already be considered unparalleled. After releasing several bomb EPs and stand alone tracks that have been supported by some of the world’s biggest DJs from Richie Hawtin to Marco CarolaCardinale has already gone on to open for influences and tech house/techno legends like Victor Calderone and Carlo Lio, for starters.

Anthony Cardinale has come up with a great mix of his top 15 tech house/techno track picks of 2013, and there’s no argument, as many of these tracks we’ve heard countless times firsthand at nightclubs across the world throughout the year from some of our own favorite underground legends. Including tracks from the likes of big names like Adam Beyer and The Martinez Brothers, to breakthrough producers of 2013 like Pig & Dan and Sam Paganini, this is a fine showcase for the year.

Check it out for yourself below! Download for free, play it loud, and enjoy!


1. TV Baby – New York Is Alright (Maetrik Remix)
2. Burnski – Make Rekkids (Original Mix)
3. Roman Anthony – Let Me Show You Love (Gavin Herlihy & Laura Jones Remix)
4. Ramiro Lopez, Coyu – Techno Raw (Original Mix)
5. Technasia – Sunkiss (Original Mix)(The Fugees – Killing Me Softly Live Edit)
6. Anthony Cardinale – Ms. Loko (Original Mix)
7. Andre Galluzi, Dani Ruh – Beetle (Original Mix)
8. Deas – Freak (Pig & Dan Remix)
9. Jason Fernandes – Feel In Control (Original Mix)(John Creamer & Stephane K – Forget The World Live Edit)
10. Re: Axis – Human Drama (Original Mix)
11. Jewel Kid – Doppelgänger (Original Mix)
12. Sam Paganini – Fire In My Arms (Original Mix)
13. Ben Sims – The Afterparty (Adam Beyer Remix)(Conjuncted Announcement Acapella Live Edit)
14. Anthony Cardinale – Night Lies (Original Mix)
15. Burnski – Lost In The Zoo (The Martinez Brothers’ Bronx Zoo Mix)


Anthony Cardinale released these tracks in 2013:

Anthony Cardinale on Social Networks
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[2013 Recap] Hardwell and Nicky Romero’s year mix Fri, 03 Jan 2014 17:51:37 +0000 Read More »]]> Nicky-Romero-Hardwell

As the years go by, the electronic dance music becomes one of the most supported genre of music. It is weird but EDM is leaded by the USA market thanks to European producers such as Avicii, Afrojack, Nicky Romero and of course the world number 1 DJ Hardwell.

Hardwell made an excellent job during 2013 with many gigs over the USA and the world besides the next generation producers and DJ like Dannic, Dyro and Sick Individuals. Everything ended up with the award of the 2013 world best DJ well deserved.

As usual at the end of the year, Hardwell and Nicky Romero play a dedicated radio show to the best tracks of the year.


001 – Hardwell & Dyro feat. Bright Lights – Never Say Goodbye
002 – Deorro vs. Calvin Harris & Example – We’ll Be Coming Yee (Hardwell MashUp)
003 – Baauer – Harlem Shake (Dave Silcox Remix)
004 – Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Man With The Red Face (Hardwell Remix)
005 – Hard Rock Sofa vs. Bruno Mars – Rasputin vs. Locked Out Of Heaven (Hardwell MashUp)
006 – Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr feat. Beardyman – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris Mix)
007 – Alesso vs. OneRepublic vs. Blasterjaxx & Hardwell – Lose Myself vs. Fifteen (Hardwell MashUp)
008 – Hardwell feat. Matthew Koma – Dare You (Extended Mix)
009 – Hardwell & Showtek vs. Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais – Summertime Sadness (Hardwell’s TomorrowWorld Edit)
010 – Dimitri Vegas, MOGUAI & Like Mike vs. Afrojack & Steve Aoki – Mammoth vs. Beef (Hardwell MashUp)
011 – Hardwell vs. Krewella – Live For The Spaceman (Hardwell MashUp)
012 – Thomas Newson vs. Bobby Rock vs. Avicii vs. Nicky Romero – Pallaroid vs. Asire vs. I Could Be The One (Hardwell MashUp)
013 – Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd – Apollo (Hardwell Concert Edit)
014 – TwoLoud vs. JoeySuki & Kill The Buzz – Big Bang vs. Life Is Calling (Hardwell MashUp)
015 – W&W & Ummet Ozcan vs. Empire Of The Sun vs. Daft Punk – The Code vs. Alive vs. Harder Better Faster (Hardwell Mashup)
016 – Alesso feat. Matthew Koma vs. Showtek & Justin Prime vs. Martin Garrix vs. Knife Party – Years vs. Cannonball vs. Animals vs. LRAD (Hardwell MashUp)
017 – Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike feat. Wolfpack vs. Hardwell & MAKJ – Ocarina Countdown (Hardwell MashUp)
018 – Hardwell & W&W – Jumper
019 – Krewella & Hardwell vs. W&W – Alive vs. Thunder (Hardwell MashUp)
020 – Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon vs. Dyro – Welcome To The Jungle vs. Leprechauns & Unicorns (Hardwell MashUp)
021 – DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami

Nicky Romero

Tracklist :
01:29 01 Stadium X ft. Taylr Renee – Howl At The Moon
03:56 02 Kryder – Pyrmd
06:27 03 Nicky Romero Vs. Mark Knight – Still The Same Red Face (Nilson Bootleg)
10:26 04 John Dahlback – Nuke
13:41 05 Zedd ft. Haylay Williams – Stay the night (Nicky Romero Remix)
18:41 06 Michael Calfan – Falcon
22:19 07 Nicky Romero vs Daft Punk – Around Harder Symphonica (Nicky Romero Bootleg)
26:26 08 Nicky Romero vs Krewella – Legacy
29:56 09 Nicky Romero vs Krewella – Legacy (Vicetone Remix)
32:12 10 Pelari – Rave
36:12 11 Nicky Romero, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano ft. Fast Eddie – SOTU
37:48 12 Vicetone – Tremble
39:48 13 Don Diablo & CID – Prototype
43:15 14 Bassjackers – Zing
47:17 15 Merk & Kremont – Zunami
52:00 16 R3hab & Lucky Date – Rip It Up (Nicky Romero Edit)

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[2013 Recap] Lumberjack’s Electro House TOP tracks Thu, 02 Jan 2014 13:43:09 +0000 Read More »]]> Lumberjack-2013

To kick off this new year, the 4th one for House4DJ, we hope 2014 will be once again under the sign of house music.

We can not turn the page of 2013 without remembering its greatest hits. In that way, we are going to post some mixtape summing up the best tracks by genre.

Let’s start with the first “2013 Recap” series with the best electro house tracks mixed by the french duo from Paris: Lumberjack. People used to remember only the end of the year productions but Jim Zerga & Chris Vallée made a great selection to the most supported tracks from January to December.


01 – Disclosure feat AlunaGeorge – White Noise (Oliver Heldens & Tommie Sunshine Bootleg)
02 – Dannic – Clobber (Original Club Mix)
03 – John Dalback x Carnage & Borgore – Incredible Pressure (Lumberjack Scandal Bootleg)
04 – Mercer – Supreme (Original Mix)
05 – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Wakanda (Original Mix)
06 – Martin Garrix – Animals (Jacob Van Hage Clashup)
07 – DVBBS & Borgeous x New World Sound & Thomas Newson – Flunami (Lumberjack Bootleg)
08 – Hard Rock Sofa – Rasputin (Original Mix)
09 – Marcus Schossow – Reverie (Michael Calfan Remix)
10 – Daddy’s Groove & Rob Adans – Unbelievable (Club Mix)
11 – Krewella – Alive (Cash Cash& Kalkutta vs Hardwell Remix) (Miguel Guillen Mashup)
12 – Cloclwork – Tremor (Hardwell Rambo Edit)
13 – David Guetta feat Ne-Yo & Akon – Play Hard (Albert Neve Remix)
14 – Alesso vs R.E.M. – Losing My Palladium (Lumberjack Reboot)
15 – Duck Sauce – It’s You (DJ Snake Remix)
16 – Zedd x Arno Cost – Spectrum Head Up! (Albert Neve Mashup)

Lumberjack released these tracks in 2013 :

Lumberjack on Social Networks
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Exclusive Interview With Eva Shaw Wed, 01 Jan 2014 17:40:29 +0000 Read More »]]> Exclusive Interview With Eva Shaw

House4DJ recently had the chance to catch up with electro house DJ and producer Eva Shaw, formerly known as Bambi, on her recent rebranding, releases, residencies, and more! Having caught her headlining gig at Marquee New York earlier this year, there was no question that the former model is a force to be reckoned with in the booth! After headlining residencies at some of the world’s biggest nightclubs and playing massive events like Ultra Music Festival for starters, we now get to see Eva Shaw’s first two track releases ever from over the last two months, one signed to Calvin Harris’ Fly Eye Records label and the other to the world-reknown Spinnin’ Records respectively! Read on for our interview with Eva Shaw and find out what’s in store for 2014!

House4DJ: We know you used to model under your real name Eva Shaw, so you used the nickname Bambi for your DJing career. What made you decide to start DJing under your real name?

Eva Shaw: I really just felt like it sounded better. Bambi sort of stuck unintentionally and I kept going with it, but when I started signing my music I felt it was a good time to make the change.

H4DJ: We’ve seen some pretty awesome photo shoots recently with the rebranding. Do you still model, or plan to in conjunction with the DJing?

Shaw: Thank you! I really love fashion and I am planning to continue doing photoshoots and advertisements but it’s just a little different now. I will do shoots I feel represent me and my brand. It’s a lot more fun to do now that it isn’t my job.

H4DJ: Congratulations on your first major release called Charizma on Fly Eye Records and the collaboration with Hard Rock Sofa called Get Down on Spinnin’! How does that feel?! How did that collab come about?

Shaw: It feels incredible! I found it difficult at first to let go of my work and let other people decide if they like it or not. That’s a really important part of doing anything creative for a living. I’m learning how to not get too attached with my work because it is hard to judge your own art. That’s also why it’s fun sometimes to do collabs – because you can bounce ideas off each other. It can be difficult as well because I tend to be more creative in general when I’m alone.

H4DJ: Are there any future collabs or upcoming original mixes you can tell us about?

Shaw: I work on ideas all the time on my laptop. I have been in the studio this week, trying to finish another solo. Thinking about a few collabs too…we will see! I usually have a few things going and then one just sticks out.

H4DJ: We know you have several residencies spread across the US (HQ in Atlantic City, NJ and Hakkasan in Las Vegas, NV). How has it been traveling? And how does the club scene differ across the US?

Shaw: Its nice having a residency because it becomes sort of like a family. Familiar faces are always nice, especially when you’re traveling a lot. Sometimes it gets tricky routing wise but I don’t mind flying. I don’t find a huge difference in cities except maybe Las Vegas. There you have a lot of casual club goers who aren’t necessarily there for the DJ so you never know what you are going to get. I notice that certain songs are huge in California and not so much on the east coast and vice versa. That’s always interesting to see. I think California has more VIP clubs as well so maybe a bit more commercial than somewhere like New York. But it really depends on the venue.

H4DJ: Are there any new residencies coming up in 2014?

Shaw: 2014 you will see me continue my residency at Hakkasan and HQ. Hakkasan I will be doing almost entirely headlining shows which I’m really excited about. I have also set a couple of gigs at Create in LA which is an awesome venue and I can’t wait for that. Other spots, I will keep doing shows at, like Webster Hall in NYC and the Pier shows, etc… also a few new spots I should be starting soon in 2014. I will post everything on my Facebook, Twitter and the Bandsintown app so be sure to follow those if you want updates.

H4DJ: What is one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced this year?

Shaw: This moment in my career I feel has been really important and I’ve found it challenging to make all the right choices. I feel that I’ve made a lot of advances this year and I will continue to take a slow and steady approach to everything I do.

H4DJ: Favorite track of 2013?

Shaw: That’s so difficult! I like a lot of genres of music. One of my favourite tracks to play in my DJ sets has been Slow Down by Showtek. I played it for the first time at Ultra in Miami last March and it really went off. I played it a lot after that. Pop music wise, I just love everything Drake is doing. I could really go on for days and get into a million different genres but I’ll leave it at that.

H4DJ: What else can we expect in 2014?

Shaw: 2014 for me will be just really establishing Eva Shaw and taking it to the next level. I’m going to be experimenting with my music a lot as well as seeing where I can take my career. I’m having such a great time and I can’t wait to see where it can grow.

H4DJ: Anything you’d like to say to fans and future followers?

Shaw: I read everything you guys write to me and take everything to heart. I appreciate every comment, every sign – the part about this whole thing that makes me really happy is watching you have fun at my shows and enjoying what I create. I won’t stop until you guys do … Thank you!

Eva Shaw and Hard Rock Sofa’s Get Down is out on Spinnin’ Records now! Get it here!

Also, check out her recent Fly Eye Mix available as a free download below! Stay tuned for more!

Eva Shaw’s Fly Eye Mix


Eva Shaw on Social Networks
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[Release] Anthony Cardinale – Hold & Grind EP [Sonika] Mon, 30 Dec 2013 19:16:02 +0000 Read More »]]> Anthony Cardinale - Hold & Grind EP

Release Info

TRACK NAME: Ms. Loko/Mr. Touch/Hold & Grind

ARTIST(S): Anthony Cardinale

EP NAME: Hold & Grind

LABEL(S): Sonika Music

GENRE(S): Techno

RELEASE DATE: 23.12.13

BUY LINK: Buy Link

Following up from his recent Intertwine EP and the massive original mix Moon Jumpin, we now get another trifecta of techno in the form of the Hold & Grind EP from one of New York City’s youngest underground talents, Anthony Cardinale. The Hold & Grind EP features three original mixes – Ms. Loko, the self-titled track Hold & Grind, and the highly-anticipated Mr. Touch -all three of which are now available on Sonika Music!

First up on the EP is the funky techno groover Ms. Loko, which uses a slick percussive line, repetitive hook, and aptly placed sound effects for building up the set and getting the crowd worked up. Mr. Touch is a track that Anthony Cardinale has teased us with for quite some time, and it’s our personal favorite on the EP – the darker vibe, distorted vocals, and sick synth stabs will cater to the New York City underground scene and beyond, and shows off Cardinale’s true NYC techno roots. Last but not least is the EP’s self-title track, Hold & Grind, the lovechild of Ms. Loko and Mr. Touch – using elements from both, Hold & Grind is the banger track on the EP, with a non-stop barrage of percussion, repeating vocals, and sound effects, making it perfect for peak time on the dance floor.

Stay tuned for more on Anthony Cardinale, and check out the Hold & Grind EP off Sonika Music today!

Anthony Cardinale on Social Networks
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